If you have an internet connection and you do not have this installed on your laptop, pad, tablet or desktop... you don't know what you are missing for FREE. The release one should work with unless you are a programmer is Kodi v16.1 “Jarvis”.
Once installed, take your time and look around. Though it can organize all of your music, images and video that is on your hard drive, one of the nicer features it offers is access to more free movies than one can watch in a lifetime. The two apps used most at this end are PopcornFlix and Play Box HD.
How to add or remove apps for movies:
Open Kodi. Once open you will see a floating menu bar with options.
Choose video.
Choose Video ADD On
A list of what is already installed will appear.
Look for the "get more".. link at the end of the list. That is where you can scroll through what is available.. delete what you do not want from the list by uninstalling or install something that you fancy. There is JUNK and items from some other nations that will not work due to restrictions.... but hey, for free! What does work makes it a great app to have.
Finally. To see what you have as icons vs text:
On the extreme left ( no not the White House ) there is a slide out menu. On the top is your view options. Thats it. I like the icon view over text -- but to each their own.
Two links to this opensrc project below.
1. To developers site
2. To the download of the latest version
Kodi is available as a native application for Android, Linux, Mac OS X, iOS, and Windows operating systems, running on most common processor architectures. A small overview of the features can be found on our about page. For each platform, we offer a stable and development release(s). For normal users we recommend installing the stable releases.
The Developers OpenSrc Site:
Current release: Kodi v16.1 “Jarvis”  (Windows Version xp to 10)


WELCOME To Our Virtual Westridge Community and The Future Secret Society Website. ( EVIL GRIN ) see below.

Brandy Sanders Brandy Sanders coined the sub title above just before she banned me from the Westridge Group on NextDoor as well as the Westridge email group on google. 

Brandy wrote:
1 post is of "self-promotion" (see inappropriate examples) as he has made aware he will be posting an announcement about this "future secret-society website" he is creating.

What is she and the few cohorts that work with her ACTUALLY saying? 

"We don't want any opinion but OURS.  If you do not follow the party line we will silence you as we character assassinate." 
They want a home owners association and control of YOUR LIFE and Property. (see: https://myneighbors.net/m/articles/view/The-Horrors-of-Home-Owner-Associations )
The value pitch based on greed is their cover story.  A way to obfuscate their intent.  Our area has no problem ( inside the loop ) maintaining value and never has. Living our lives free of homeowner dictatorship, "priceless".
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Check Houston Traffic Map

The Future Secret Society Website

"A virtual community is a social network of individuals who interact through a specific social media website crossing geographical and political boundaries in order to pursue mutual interests or goals.

Community members can interact and share their passions through various means: Some Examples: Groups, Forums in a Group, Live Chat Rooms, Blogs and more. Community Networking sites like My Neighbors Network acts as a medium for expression and discourse about social issues specific to the user communities. Internet communities like My Neighbors Network offer the advantage of, inter alia, an instant information exchange, that is not possible in a real-life community."

A Potential Goal: To see closely located but normally relatively socially isolated folks come together in a spirit of sharing and genuine community and collaborate to achieve common objectives.

This website presents an opportunity for neighbors to get together online, introduce themselves, and discus how they can better join together to 1st: Make Westridge one of the best areas in Houston, TX using money raised from business owners in our community who want to support our neighborhood and residents with their advertisements; 2nd: Have fun, be creative, start groups around issues of interest, have contests, and outings, good times limited only by ones imagination; and Finally to see how Westridge as a group can solve common neighborhood problems such as crime with crime prevention techniques or other issues. Working hand in hand with Law Enforcement and our Neighborhood Security team, we will show the “perps” that we and not they own the streets of Westridge.

My Neighbors Network (this site) includes core applications such as ( to name a few ) private user area, user blogs, user forums, user defined Groups: the meat of the site with their own forums and blogs, more. The wire, and a dashboard to keep yourself organized where you can add or remove "widgets", private email between users yet no personal data is shared, and more. This Westridge Community Site My Neighbors Network was built with an infrastructure that supports growth.

At no time will information about any individual or our cyber-community be sold to any outside source. It is our intent to protect the integrity of this virtual neighborhood by limiting the users to those who actually live in [tenant] or own real property within Westridge. We will do everything we can to limit the users to those as defined above.

The only non members of Westridge Community who may become involved are "Lawyers" who may sponsor a question and answer area for residents or Houston Police Officers who will field questions on crime prevention. Crime Stoppers and Neighborhood Watch may also be available with advice.

Does it cost any money to join?

My Neighbors Network Westridge website is FREE to all individuals who reside within the boundary of the Westridge neighborhood. In fact, My Neighbors Network is a for profit entity that soon will become a LLC in the State of Texas. My Neighbors Network will actively solicit advertisements from local merchants and corporate sponsors and that income will be, according to the charter, used to pay for items like a quality security company, neighborhood beautification, Scholarships for our Youth, Contests, Meet & Greets more, more and more good things as individuals and families become involved with the direction My Neighbors Network will take.

An EIN will also become part of the LLC and individuals who live in Westridge who would like part or full time work will have that opportunity. The pay will only be limited by your drive to succeed and see the goals of My Neighborhood Network achieved. The advertising costs will be low compared to any others seeking profit from advertising. The independent contractor will have the opportunity to earn any where from 200.00 per sale per account (X times your goal per day ) and up with no ceiling, presenting an advertising package to business that will be shown to a target audience.

Our neighborhood already has a Civic Association Website. Why do we need this?

I personally feel Westridge Civic Association has become a "joke"... Why? If you voice an opinion that is not inline with "their" plans, you will be banned. I was banned from NextDoor and the Westridge eMail list and have copies of the conversations from both places to show, if you do not follow the "party" line, so to say, you will be banned and then character assassinated. You have no right to an opinion that's not their opinion. And they wonder why no one pays their ransom ( oh.. I mean ) dues. My hope is the people of Westridge change all that nonsense and use My Neighbors Network as the catalyst. Not only is it FREE to use, but will offer the community an opportunity to generate an income that will pay for security, and many other things. It will also provide part time or full time independent contract work in a no pressure environment for Westridge residents, home owner or tenant, where one can work as little or as much as they choose.

Despite The Present Westridge Nazi's: An association for a community - more oft than not - is a wonderful way for neighbors to participate in the policies that govern the area. Some association sites also provide resources, referrals and even the posting of community documents. This site is not in competition with any association. This site provides an interactive way for neighbors to communicate with each other through referrals, personal blogs, forums, groups and other on board social media. We do provide posting of the Westridge Civic Associations documents and deed restrictions. These documents belong to the community.

Do I have to post my name? Picture? Email? Address?

The site provides the option for members to get notifications and share information as they see fit. If you want to post your name…great. If you want to use a screen name….that's fine too. Post your picture….or not. List your complete name…or just your screen name. It's all customizable and up to you.

What happens if someone posts inappropriate material?

We monitor the website (as we can) along with other members to make sure there is not inappropriate material posted. If you discover any comments, blogs or forum items that contain vulgarities please report using the flag feature at the bottom of each item titled "Report this". Freedom of Speech and Expression is a bulwark of our liberties brought and paid for at a dear cost since the inception of our nation. Please keep this in mind.

• Only registered users can see complete details of what is shared.
• Each user must register with their real name & address.
• You may use a different screen name.
• You may participate in social media…or choose not to.
• You may share your contact information with neighbors…or choose not to.
• You may receive emails about various updates…or choose not to.
• All passwords are encrypted. Only a user knows the password.
• Not even our admins have access to passwords.
• If you have forgotten, please use the Lost Password Link.
• We never share your information with anyone. Never.

My Neighbors ( NOTE: as soon as we are legally an LLC and alive, SSL will be implemented and you will see https instead of http in the URL bar. )

Some of the site user features:

Custom RSS
Profile Customizer
Simple Messenger
World Map
ZIP Code Search
Classified ads for our advertisers with custom categories, placement options, prices and photos.
Upload, crop and manage multiple profile avatars and select active avatar.
Personal blogs with individual categories, rich-text posting, photos and social features.
Multi-user video chat with concurrent video streaming, custom rooms and rich formatting.
Let site members add their own custom RSS feeds to their profiles via specialized profile block.
Adobe AIR cross-platform desktop app for off-browser communication and notifications.
Create and manage events, with dates, attendants, photos, updates and forums connectivity.
Upload, share, manage and publish various files, documents and media for download.
Advanced discussion forums with categories, rating, moderation, auto-splitting and rich-formatting.
Create and manage groups, with admins, members, forums, social features, photos and other media.
Flash-based Instant Video Messenger for one-to-one communication with rich text chat.
Upload, browse and share photos. Albums, multiple upload, categories, privacy controls, and more.
Create Poll questions and display community replies with visualized graphs.
Personalization of member profiles - custom backgrounds, fonts and UI elements.
Basic text messenger for quick communication. Displayed in member menu and always handy.
Members can publish website profiles with descriptions and auto-generated site previews.
Upload and share sound files. With categories and social sharing features.
Lets site members sell, receive payments and connect with buyers.
Upload, record and share videos. Built-in converter, social features, categories and privacy controls.
Flash-based social doodling with concurrent multi-user drawing support.
Browse site members and published content on the world map, with grouping and zooming.
Automatic postal-code search support using GeoNames or Google.
My Neighbors UPDATE:

Our SSL Certificate is installed. SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) is the standard security technology for establishing an encrypted link between a web server and a browser. This link ensures that all data passed between the web server and browsers remain private. SSL is an industry standard and is used by millions of websites in the protection of their online transactions with their customers.

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The West Nile virus can be lethal. Most people who are infected will show mild to no symptoms, but a small percentage of people die with extreme symptoms. In 2015, 2,060 cases of West Nile were reported in the United States, and of those cases, 84 people died.
S.E.A.L. Security stated via FB & S.E.A.L. Security Solutions & Training Academy: "S.E.A.L. Is an acronym for Strategic Executive And Logistical Security. We have nothing but the highest respect for all forms of military and in no way imply we are SEALS."
From A Local Lawyer: Under Texas Law - You Owner or Tenant have a right to Quiet enjoyment. Definition: A property owner or tenant's right to possess and use his or her property without disturbance, including by a person with superior title. A disturbance of an owner or tenant's possession or use may constitute a nuisance. There can be criminal as well as civil liabilities attached in law or equity. Even when quiet enjoyment is not specifically included in a deed or rental agreement, courts will usually read the covenant into the agreement, or tenancy. Some of the functions of quiet enjoyment include the right to exclude others from the premises, the right to enjoy quiet and peace.
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Note: There are a few who are hell bent on power over your life who live in or moved into Westridge who want to create a Home Owners Association as the Westridge Civic Association lacks the legal authority that would allow them to tell you how to live your life, paint your home, landscape, park your vehicles and more + + + +. A HOA would, and you would loose your freedom to live your life in your home the way you see fit. Homeowners' associations were supposedly created by Real Estate Developers to oversee neighborhood maintenance, and to help developers to efficiently manage and market their properties. But it often seems that their true purpose in life is to drive homeowners insane. Just listen for this "mantra" they use, the propaganda that HOAs are protecting property values -- definitely a fairy tale, but sadly often blindly believed by homeowners. Click on The Horrors of Home Owner Associations to read more..
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