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Marketing for Success

Join us: Extend your market reach, drive traffic to your local business front door as well as direct a targeted group of online users to your website by advertising on

A target audience is the intended audience or readership of an advertisement, or other message. In marketing and advertising, it is a specific group of people within the target market at which a product or the marketing message of a product is aimed. For example, if a company sells new diet programs for men with heart disease (target market), the communication may be aimed at those men but also perhaps at their spouses (target audience). Targeted marketing and targeted advertising strive for narrowcasting rather than broadcasting. A target audience can be formed of people of a certain age group, gender, marital status, homeowners, estimate income in their geographical area, etc. With narrow-casting other groups, although not your main focus, may also be interested in what you have to offer. Discovering the appropriate target market(s)and determining the target audience is one of the most important activities in marketing management (Niewenhuizen et al. 2000). Perhaps the biggest mistake it is possible to make in targeting is trying to reach everybody and ending up appealing to no-one with Newspaper, TV Ads, Radio, and the like. Narrow casting  for more than a reasonable cost rather than broadcasting to an unknown audience  is what we offer. Not only will you present your business to a target audience, the income derived from your ad will be used within the target narrow-casting community.

Attention is a necessary ingredient for effective advertising. The market for consumer attention (or "eyeballs") has become so competitive that attention can be regarded as a currency. The rising cost of this ingredient in the marketplace is causing marketers to waste money on costly attention sources or reduce their investment in promoting their brands. Instead, they should be thinking about how to "buy" cheaper attention and how to use it more effectively. Research in the emerging field of the Economics of Attention shows how this can be achieved. -- Thales S. Teixeira, Assistant Professor, Harvard Business School

Attention is the allocation of mental resources, visual or cognitive, to visible or conceptual objects. Before consumers can be affected by advertising messages, they first need to be paying attention.

Despite, almost every business needs to promote itself in some way, reaching out to customers and potential customers. You want to advertise your business, but that comes with two stipulations: Advertising needs to be both inexpensive and targeted at a local audience. Who wants to spend thousands of dollars reaching prospects in Dallas, TX when you''re based in Houston?

We can optimize your campaign for you, so you can focus on your business reaching only groups with your ideal customers, eliminating wasted ad spend.

Powerful. Affordable.
Part of the My Neighbors Network mission is local businesses participation using one of the most cost-effective locally targeted electronic advertising available. We take our advertising model a step further by allocating a portion of every advertising dollar back into our communities via scholarships, improvements, neighborhood private security as well as neighborhood activities. Our philosophy is that users generate all the content on social networking websites and as such, they should receive financial benefit as well. We seek partnerships with businesses that are already actively involved in their communities. For more information on becoming a My Neighbors Network sponsor or adverting partner please contact us.

My Neighbors Network Group Sponsorships
These are high profile text ads that appear in the right column of every page of a group area you are targeting. Brought to you by the SOFTVision Concepts, USA or Brought to you by John Q. Public your local Real Estate Company, Inc

Advertisement Banners:
Your business can advertise using several different banner sizes targeting a group or site-wide.

My Neighbors Network Email Newsletters
Neighborhood newsletters will automatically be sent to every participating neighborhood 1 or 2 times each month. Neighborhood newsletters consist of unique newsletter content as well as summary links to the most recent neighborhood posts. You can be one of the limited number allowed to sponsor My Neighbors Network newsletter.

Donate A Prize:
Donate an item for one or more of our future giveaways or contests. You''ll get excellent exposure as well as mention on the main website. Don''t underestimate this type of word-of-mouth marketing.

You Create Your Ads.

  1. Upload your own set of ads
  2. Define your campaign goal and target groups

When you advertise, match the medium we offer to your message and your budget. Remember, advertising of any kind is effective only if it is frequent enough. Consumers are so barraged with messages from the media that YOUR message registers and gets attention only if you repeat it. There''s a lot you can do to market for success online. Jump in. Try things out. Learn as you go. Those tactics have helped many businesses entice paying visitors, and they can help you.